Giving the Gift of Camp


This podcast is sponsored by SCOPE, an amazing organization that helps to send children from financially disadvantaged families to summer camp. You can learn more about SCOPE online and through social media @supportscope.

I do not know anyone with more summer camp experience than Molly Gallagher.

Day camp started at 3 years old. Residential camp started at 7 years old and didn’t end for two decades. She’s run or helped to run day camps and overnight camps. She’s started a camp from the ground up that was based in a huge city and led groups of kids at old summer camps in the deep woods. 

She’s done it all! So it’s easy to understand when I say that summer camp has been a gift for Molly. Some of her closest friends, most cherished memories, and a professional career has all come from it.

For the past few years, Molly has been focused on helping others give that same gift to kids who wouldn’t otherwise have the chance. As the executive director of Summer Camp Opportunities Promote Education, or SCOPE, Molly and her team have raised money to help hundreds and hundreds of children enjoy camp around the country.

Around the campfire, Molly and I talk about the gift of camp, how we can keep those gifts going back home, and how we can work together to share the gift of camp with those who couldn’t otherwise enjoy it.


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