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Happy Campers: Summer Camp Secrets for Parents

WITH Audrey Monke, Gold Arrow Camp & Sunshine Parenting

This podcast is sponsored by SCOPE, an amazing organization that helps to send children from financially disadvantaged families to summer camp. You can learn more about SCOPE online and through social media @supportscope.

Working with thousands of campers and families, you start to pick up a few ideas that lead to successful, thriving adults. Audrey Monke, the director of Gold Arrow Camp and brains behind Sunshine Parenting, has done more than just collect the good ideas. She’s made them available to everyone in her new book, Happy Campers: 9 Summer Camp Secrets for Raising Kids Who Become Thriving Adults.

 Audrey was kind enough to offer me an advanced copy of Happy Campers a few months ago. It’s well worth the read! There are so many actionable ideas we practice in the camp community that can easily be applied back home… with wonderful results. I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Audrey. She gives a great preview of the book and discusses where she’s pulled a lot of the inspiration. Enjoy!

GREAT RESOURCES for Helping our Kids become Happy Campers

You mean besides Audrey’s new book? You want more than that?!? Ok, here are a few ideas we talked about in the Campfire Conversation:

Dr. Tina Payne Bryson and her writing partner, Dr. Daniel Siegel, have written a number of good books, the most recent of which is No Drama Discipline.

Dr. Brene Brown comes up a lot in our Campfire Conversations. You should check her work out if you’ve not done so already.

Gretchen Ruben, who has written a number of books such as Happier at Home is well worth your time.

The Five Love Languages should be required reading for any parent. It’s incredibly eye-opening and practical.

Cal Newports books, Deep Work and Digital Minimalism, as well as Laura Vanderkam’s Off the Clock are now on my reading list!